While some of these are affiliate links I may receive a referral commission for sharing, all of the listed resources are ones I am currently using or have used in the past and the use of referral links does not affect your pricing. 


When it comes to writing great email copy, there are 2 resources that I personally refer to on a (very!) regular basis and I refer anyone who is looking to improve their email content to:

—> Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership

—> Kate Doster’s Email Marketing Fairy
Kate also hosts an awesome sauce podcast called Inbox Besties that I recommend and her “What To Send Your Email List This Month” episodes are always #inspoAF for me


Any time I have a question about social media marketing (and I have a lot of them!), I’m grateful to be a member of a place that legit covers it all:
—> Savvy Social School
There’s also the Savvy Social Podcast hosted by Andréa Jones, which I recommend

If you’re looking for more specific, niche-type training specific for Pinterest, I recommend:
–> Jana O’s Pinterest With Purpose


If you’re going to host a summit, you would be saving yourself a whole lot of time and heartache by getting the done-for-you:
—> Summit In A Box

Maybe you want to collaborate on a bundle or giveaway. This is the easiest and most done-for-you way of taking this on:
—> Collaboration Cash-In

I hosted my first JV Webinar with Camille Farey and she made it insanely easy for me by providing me with all the resources needed to have everything covered at my end. I’m pleased to report that she also has a FREE (and did I mention insanely easy?) JV Webinar Checklist that’s yours for the taking, too, and you can get that here.


When it comes to being found on Google, Meg Casebolt is my go-to resource and when you’re just getting started, I recommend you do that with:

—> SEO Set-Up Success from Love At First Search


Getting started with ads and paid traffic? Then, you’re looking for:

—> Not Your Average Marketing membership

If you’re looking to host a workshop, webinar or masterclass, and you have questions about pricing, structure, upselling and more, check out:
—> Emily M Walker’s The Winning Workshop

As someone who loves podcasts – I love listening to them, I love producing them, I love using them as a learning tool – and this is my go-to resource for anyone who wants an easy-breezy way of doing this:
—> Hello Audio

I use an all-in-one marketing platform that I love-love-LOVE and you can check out why in the video, but you can also use this link to get your own 14-day trial to see behind-the-scenes of its magic for yourself:

—> Get your free KARTRA trial here