I’m going to start introducing “mini-sodes” into the podcast because sometimes I have a little gold nugget to share but I don’t need to talk your ear off for 10 minutes or so to do that, so in the vibe of respecting both your time and mine, here’s your first mini-sode.

I’m Lanie Lamarre and I know that understanding what you’re agreeing to when you check that Terms of Use button can be a challenge when you didn’t go to law school, which is why I want to share privacy.commonsense.org with you.

Note that this resource does NOT replace your responsibility of reading through Policies and Terms you are agreeing to, but their privacy evaluations can help make it easier for you to understand these because it breaks down areas like safety, privacy, security and compliance, but here’s the fun stuff because it also informs you: what data it collects, what data it shares, how secure your data is, what rights you have to this data, is your data sold, is it safe, is it tracked, is it safe for children, and what control – if any – do you have over this data.

I love this resource, I know you will too and hey! so will your biz besties so please save and share this with them as well!

Now, keep in mind that this resource was not built for business owners in mind – it’s actually targeted at parents and educators so you’ll find a lot of kid- and family-focused content on there – but you’ll find a lot of overlapping interests in the social media you’re using like YouTube and TikTok, but also tools like Canva or Slack. These privacy evaluations put children and home life front-and-center with how they’re presented and which platforms or software are covered – which certainly doesn’t hurt you to know either – but there will be limitations with what is covered and relevant to your business operations.

Still, it’s definitely worth sharing and if you like that I’m sharing these kinds of things, your feedback is my best data so please reach out over @omgrowth on Instagram to let me know if you appreciate this kind of thing.