This is episode 36 of the OMGrowth podcast

It’s Black Friday week so there’s a lot of noise and activity and FOMO going on right now. Which is why I’m going to keep this episode of OMGrowth shorter and sweeter than usual because you already have plenty of people trying to talk to you right now.

If you’re feeling some type of way about everything coming at you right now, it’s OK to slow down. After all, it’s way easier to aim at something you’re staring down than it is to try to hit a moving target. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned over the years – and it certainly has cost me in money spent on courses I didn’t need and time spent on strategies I didn’t need – but …

You make the best decisions when you trust yourself to produce your own answers.

Getting help is totally fine and encouraged, and of course, there’s always something new to learn. But the biggest return-on-investment you’ll see from your own OMGrowth Moments will almost always come from when you looked inside yourself to assess your needs rather than what someone else’s sales page and countdown timer told you.

And another thing:

While the best predictor for the future is the past, it’s not the ONLY predictor.

You can change anything: your behavior, your business, your results, your life.

You don’t have to wait until the new year, you don’t have to wait until “the doors open” to someone’s program, and you don’t have to accept “the way it has always been done”.

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know I’m a data and numbers person – I believe they’re the best guide to make your decisions – but the numbers aren’t the decision-makers: you are!

I love tapping into trends and patterns that can help me forecast or set my expectations, but there are always new trends to create and you can always build a new pattern.

The distractions are real – both outside of yourself as well as within – and if taking a time-out sounds good right now, well, you’re the boss, apple sauce, and you get to make those decisions.

And with that, I want to remind you that I appreciate you being here and if you’d be interested in receiving a little thank you card love note from me, I’d love to send you one with some cute branded stickers you can use to remind yourself who you are – so I’m making the cut-off date for that to be Cyber Monday – but there’s a link in the show notes where you can let me know where to send you the free swag.

A question that keeps coming up for me personally is “what would make me feel like a success?”.

Not what it looks like or what goal or metric would be a “success” – these seem a lot less actionable or, at least, a lot less rewarding – and if the fraudy feelings or the overwhelm or the decision fatigue or the uncertainty of what the right choice is for you start creeping in, I encourage to frame what your feels are and what those needs are before you focus too hard on the promise of a success metric framed by someone else’s happy client testimonial.

Having said all that, we are talking metrics next week. We’re going to dive into the wonderful world of return-on-ad-spend and what that reflects to your return-on-investment… because just because you’re pulling in $1M in sales doesn’t mean you have a million dollars but we’ll look closely at what that DOES mean you have next.