This is a transcript of episode 64 of the OMGrowth podcast

I’m Lanie Lamarre and today’s episode goes long because I have a guest who has way too many valuable things to say about her numbers, how she defines what “good numbers” are for her, and how she markets a low-ticket membership into being all-kinds-of-profitable, not to mention a totally personally gratifying business model. I swear I tried to edit this one down to our usual 10-15 minute format but everytime I was about to cut something out, it felt like I was omitting something important about how Liz Wilcox is hella data-driven in the least complicated way so without further ado…

Go behind-the-scenes and check out Liz’s membership for just $9

Lanie Lamarre (00:00):
Liz Wilcox is our guest today and she speaks quite openly about her rates, her, uh, her growth, her numbers. And I couldn’t really put it all together, how she could offer such a low cost, low ticket membership and be profitable to the extent she has. So I emailed Liz and I said,
Liz, listen, I’m gonna join your membership. And it’s not necessarily because I want to take on a membership. I just really wanna see how you’re delivering this so that you can be self lip and profitable. And what value are you offering? How are you doing all of this?
And she’s like, Oh yeah, cool beans. Join. And, um, I think it was like a year ago. I’m still a member , I’m not creeping anymore. I’m just enjoying the content. So, um, that just goes to show the sort of value that you’re delivering in that membership. But tell us more about what you offer, how you offer it, because it is mind blowing the value that you’re able to deliver.

Liz Wilcox (00:58):
Uh, thank you so much. I could have said it better myself. uh, if you’re just being introduced to Liz Wilco, I, I hold nothing back. Um, I like to think it’s a good example for especially, uh, women to just own their stuff. The membership. Yeah. So it’s called email marketing membership, hashtag SEO, right. Um, and it’s $9 a month. So I’ll be the first to say it, it is wicked cheap, but it is actually valuable. So I started it in February of 2021 and it was just this way, the way I was thinking of structuring it at the time, of course, you know, goals always change, uh, you know, your vision gets bigger, but at the time I was doing copywriting services and I was just looking to replace some of that income. I knew I didn’t wanna be a copywriter forever. You know, I was a service provider and I always said, what I provide you is amazing my service, eh, not so much.

Liz Wilcox (01:57):
Cause I didn’t, you know, I love serving in different capacities. I love groups. That’s another reason why a membership model makes sense for me. And then I was also looking at my numbers. Lenny would be so proud. My email list was growing as about, I think, 800 people at the time. And I just realized there was this big disconnect between my services and the people that were getting on my list, meaning, you know, not, everyone’s gonna be able to afford my services. You know, this business model with one-on-one client work. It’s not what I wanna be doing. It’s not the sustainable model that I want. And there’s also Laney. And I, I think before we hit record, we were talking about, you know, I tend to love like big numbers, like out of this world data. I refuse to accept like the average one to 3% stuff.

Liz Wilcox (02:42):
And so I was looking at the percentage of customers in my overall list. And at the time I can’t remember what it was. It was like 10 or 20% for me. That’s not enough if I’m in business, I’m in business to sell you something, not in a nasty way, but like I’ve worked really hard to figure it out what it is you want. So why aren’t you buying? You know, I was looking at how my trip wire is converting. You know, at the time it was like 5%. I was like, what the heck? This thing is genius. And in my head I thought, you know, it’s only $22, that’s so cheap. And then I took it all the way back to when I first started my business. And I thought, well, at the time I didn’t have $22 to spend, like I had to spend that on my WordPress every month or my convert kit.

Liz Wilcox (03:25):
Right. And so I thought, what is a number that I can get the maximum amount of customers in form? Because I know if I can sell somebody at $9 or, you know, at X dollars, right. I didn’t have the $9 yet, but if I can sell them at $1, I can sell them for any dollar. Right. The best customer is a repeat customer. I took that to heart. And so I thought, okay, something under 10 bucks is gonna get the maximum amount of customers, which is my number one metric. I just did a workshop on that. And I said, you know, that’s all I care about is the percentage of customers, because I know I’m gonna come up with other ideas and I’m gonna be able to sell them again. And I thought it’s gotta be under 10 bucks because for most people, almost everyone, that’s gonna be a no brainer or it’s at least going to be like, they might have to think about it, but it’s not a scary number where there, okay, Liz, I’ll give you 30 days, you know, I’ll try this out.

Liz Wilcox (04:18):
Right. And so for me, that was again, looking at my numbers and thinking of what is my number one metric, why I came up with the $9 and why I came up with it for a membership model, because I thought if I can just slowly replace this client income, you know, slowly build the membership. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. You know, I accepted that slow growth is still growth. Then, you know, one day I’ll be able to retire my services and I can do this thing. And it was also about it’s a newsletter template membership. So that was something I was already creating for clients, writing newsletters for them. This is my third business. I had thousands of newsletters that I’ve written over the years. So it’s not like I would ever not have an idea, right. Like I’m rambling right now.

Liz Wilcox (05:02):
I never, I never run out of words. so for me it, it was, you know, all of those things wrapped into one. And then I got a hundred members in the first 30 days. I thought, if I can validate this, you know, 800 folks on my list, if I can get a hundred of them, you know, I can’t remember that exact percentage, but it was enough to make me feel good. And that would be 900 bucks a month, which was about half of my day rate at the time. And I thought, you know, if I can slowly think of it as half a day rate, half a day rate, replacing that for 30 days, like, wow, I’d, you know, I’d have a million dollar business for, you know, an hour or less worth of work a week. And so that really got me fired up. I got those hundred folks in, finished up some client work, and I just started going really, really hard in the membership in a year and a half time. I have well, less than a year and a half time. I have over 1500 members in 15 months. Oh

Lanie Lamarre (05:55):
My gosh. I like, I’m listening to you. And I have so many questions. I’m like, oh, stop yourself from interrupting her. Do you still have the trip wire in place? I do. Okay. So you have a trip wire and the membership.

Liz Wilcox (06:06):
Yeah. So I have, I have several pro I have lots of products. Like, like I said, I never come. I never not have an idea. Mm-hmm . And so I have the trip wire and that converts, I think right now at about 7%. And then I’ve got an upsell for that. And that seems to be working well, I think in two different places I’m testing and this is, you know, data I need really need to look at now that my leads are coming in steadily. I have an upsell to another product for half off. So altogether it’s like a $40 or an upsell to add the membership. And that’s like $20. I can’t, I don’t know which one’s converting better right now. I think it’s actually the more expensive one without the membership, which is interesting. But you think, oh, well it’s at the beginning stages. They might not be ready to sign up for a membership no matter what the cost is yet.

Lanie Lamarre (06:52):
Right. Right. I love what you said too about, I took it back to when I was starting, what is the no brainer price, as opposed to the way I feel like it’s promoted a lot right now, especially when you’re building a membership, when you’re building a group program or something like that, the goal is to make it as bottom line friendly as possible, always focusing on how much money are you getting, as opposed to thinking of where are my ideal clients at this point? And where was I at that point? What would I have been willing to easily invest as opposed to having to sit back and think about it?

Liz Wilcox (07:24):
Yeah. I love that. You said, you know, my bottom line, cuz obviously I support two households and one is a thousand miles away. Mm-hmm and I’m a single mom. So my bottom line is very important to me as well, but I wanna be in business for a long time. I’m not here to just make quick cash. Like I have made that transition from how to make money online, to how to have a real business. Right. Which there, there is a distinction there. I think for me because my bottom line is so important. I don’t have money to spend on ads. Going back to your original question about like how the heck is this actually profitable? I have kept my business incredibly lean. The membership itself was on Google drive, which I was already paying for until I hit a thousand members. It was, it was 13 months. So it just got off of Google drive. I just spent, you know, money to get it onto my actual website to be an actual membership site.

Lanie Lamarre (08:19):

Liz Wilcox (08:20):
But I had over a thousand, you know, I had over a thousand members until I spent that money. I think I spent like $500 to get someone to build the bones. And so I’m all about keeping things lean. You know, I had an assistant very on and off maybe paying, you know, a couple hundred dollars a month up until, uh, you know, mid-March of 20, 22. So again like 13 months, it wasn’t until I really felt like this is an established product. You know, I’ve got a thousand people in here. Sure. You know, of course there’s a churn rate, but it’s obvious, you know, I’m gaining momentum on this. You know, I wasn’t investing in a VA, like everyone tells, oh, you deserve to have quality time with which is true. And I believe, but at the end of the day, I wanna be in business for a long time. So I need to save a lot of money, save a lot of cash in case something happens and I’m not running ads. I’ve never run ads again. I never had the privilege of having money to run ads. And so I’ve spent a lot of time coming on podcasts like this talking, I think last year I did over 50 podcast interviews and over 20 like private trainings or speaking engagements, do

Lanie Lamarre (09:24):
You have great affiliate relationships?

Liz Wilcox (09:26):
Yes. And I have a lot at this point I just looked this morning. I have over 430 affiliates. I think about 120 are making sales actively. But again, it was all about how do I keep my bottom line? My bottom line? Yes, I need money and I need, and I need quite a bit, you know, I, I have two rents, two utility bills, like the first of the month is not fun for list woke up, uh, woke um, now, now, um, bone dogs in harmony is in the background. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Did

Lanie Lamarre (10:00):
You have a little Phil Collins? Uh, version of it with the video?

Liz Wilcox (10:03):
Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Anyway. Uh, we’re talking, we’re talking about, uh, business here. you dunno me. I’m very like music is very much ingrained in my business. I have in sync on the, in the background. Um, yeah. Anyway, so the bottom line is very important, but for me, because I know I need as much cash as possible. I’ve looked for ways that maybe we’ a little more work building, real relationships, getting, you know, as many affiliates as possible, reaching out, trying to get on podcasts, putting myself out there, building a signature talk that I can give over and over, but it’s always been like looking 1, 2, 3, 10 years into the future. And I know this is what you need to create a business. And so now I’m seeing all that work pay off. And I know like the growth is just exponential at this point. It’s crazy.

Lanie Lamarre (10:57):
Yeah. You get the services going, get the experience and the relationships and the sort of street cred, if you will, or the online street cred, the internet cred, which by the way, getting a hundred people to buy a product when your list is 800 people, those are amazing conversion rates. That’s kind of unheard of. So kudos to you for doing that. That means you’re really nurturing your list in a way that is completely out of this world. And that’s what you’re teaching in the membership. So it’s very much a practice which you preach, but you do have a numbers game in front of you in order to grow and being able to pull back on the services and pull forward in a slow sort of sustainable way, growing with your membership size. Um, as opposed to being like, okay, I’m going to build a group program overnight, that’s going to make a million dollars. Um, I’m gonna invest all this money. I’m gonna have this huge team. Uh, that’s not at all what you did. And yet you’re still lining yourself up for, in the long term being right alongside those same people, maybe ahead, cuz you don’t have all the overhead. Right.

Liz Wilcox (11:56):
I don’t have a lot of overhead. I mean, even the site, you know, I didn’t go with Kajabi or teachable or anything cuz they charge fees. Right. And so I built it on my own web, well, cherry ward built it on my own website. She helped me build out the bones and she was actually a member. A lot of the things, uh, that I pay for are members. And that again, like of course that’s just a Goodwill type of thing, but you know, from a strategic point, you know, if I’m paying them, they’re gonna pay me. Right. And so it’s just this, how can I help my community and help myself keep my overhead low? I’m all about keeping things very lean. I sing. My bookkeeper is my best friend. I swear she’s changed my whole life. And it was, there was a moment in December of 2020.

Liz Wilcox (12:45):
I just had my first full year of copywriting. And at the time we were doing the profit first model of, you know, give myself 50% and you know, the rest goes to whatever and you know, some months I was making a lot of money, you know, over five figures, you know, other months it was kind of famine, right. Fe famine type of thing. Yeah. But I was spending anything. She was giving me right in my personal bank account. I was like, oh I got it. I’m rich. I’m doing it. Look mom, you know? Um, yeah, I’m gonna pay for dinner. Uh, but I could have been, you know, maybe investing in some stocks or something. And so I told her, I said, this is how much money I need and I’ll be at full disclosure. I was like, I need $3,400 a month. Mm-hmm .

Liz Wilcox (13:27):
And that was like to the penny, you know, I grew up poor. I have a lot of financial insecurity. Like that’s what you gotta know about me, what I need the bare minimum to survive. Like please hide the rest of, from me. Like on your end you can continue to do the 50%. I said, but you know, just paying me that $1,700 every two weeks, like just hide the rest from me. I don’t wanna do copywriting forever. I knew I wanted a business that just sold products. Right. I came from the blogging world. I knew that’s what I like. And so now, and she, again, numbers, girl, right? She’s like right now some months you don’t make that much. I was like, I’m gonna do it. Just let’s just do this. And I was able to actually save an entire year’s worth of salary, doing that, hiding that money from myself and hiding it from the business.

Liz Wilcox (14:15):
You know, it was like, I never really logged in, you know, other than I had a good sale. And I was like, Ooh, I just wanna see that number. She wasn’t ever telling me how much exactly was left over. We would meet once a month. And she said, oh yeah, you know, you’re building, you’re building. And it was around October that I thought, okay, am I close to a year? I was only like halfway. So I was paying myself about $38,000 a year. You know, I had less than 20 saved. And I was like, okay, what can I do? What can I do? And that’s when I came up with the model of like someone paying for a year of the membership. So I could reduce that churn rate and have guaranteed cash in the bank for my business and myself and that sold like crazy and continues to sell like crazy.

Lanie Lamarre (15:00):
So you have this recurring income with your membership, people who pay monthly, but you still have a launch model built into your processes by way of having sort of an annual sale. Maybe it’s a semi-annual.

Liz Wilcox (15:14):
Yeah. Cuz I love launching. I’m one of those. not everybody does, but I, if you don’t know me again, like just Google me. You’ll see. You’ll be like, oh yeah, that’s the launch girl. that’s the launch girl like right now I’m wearing like a rainbow, like 1970 vintage sweater with like a rainbow bandana. Like I love, I love getting to know people. I obviously love talking and I love launching because it’s just exciting. Especially for a kid that thought she was gonna have to work two jobs, the rest of her life, like launching. And I’m just gonna say like making that cash and knowing that I’m creating something, especially with the membership, knowing that I created something that actually helps people for a price that doesn’t feel shitty for anybody like that. Freaking awesome. I love selling it. It’s like, yes, let’s do this thing.

Liz Wilcox (16:04):
Yeah. The yearly I’m actually doing it. I do it twice a year now. And then I’m having a Midsummer flash sale. It’s basically you buy a year of the membership nine times 12, 108 bucks. And I give you all my other products for free kind of like Costco, right? You get in for 60 bucks and you basically buy everything at cost. Right? Of course they have physical products. And so they can’t just give you everything, but they sell it basically at cost and they actually lose money on their hot dogs. When I heard that, that actually gave me the idea for my membership, uh, model, when I heard they were losing money on a lot of their products. But the majority of their profit was the membership itself. Like that fee. I thought, well, okay, my products are digital. If they’re willing to lose money on the back end to get all those front end, you know, membership sales and they’re a giant international company, I was like, what the heck am I doing? You know? Right. I could do that too. There are millions of people that are entrepreneurs or you know, wanna start businesses. This is a huge pond that I feel like no one is trying to cast this big of a net. I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one I’ll do it.

Lanie Lamarre (17:16):
But you also have the advantage where it’s, you know, your numbers. I don’t wanna call it an advantage. You put the work into knowing your numbers where you know, what your churn rate is. So, you know, when people are sort of going to get off of the membership model, so there’s a lot more incentive to be able to offer the, Hey, why don’t you just join us for the year when somebody might have actually three months down the line might have actually unsubscribed from your group program, you’re actually able to get them to commit further

Liz Wilcox (17:43):
100% and that great point Laney. So what she’s saying about the churn rate again, coming from just full disclosure, that financial insecurity and thinking, you know, I’m always thinking, how am I getting the rent pay this month? It used to be I’m safe this week. I’m safe this week. Like in college, one time my roommate threw away a pizza because it was four days old and I had like two slices left. She said, oh, that was old. And I literally started crying. I was like, that’s all the food I have to eat for the next five days. And now it’s gone. Like, that’s the kind of insecurity I’m coming from. So right. So these are strategies, you know, at the end of the day, like I, you know, I want more sales, but it’s just also coming from, what am I trying to say? Now? I’m kind of rambling, but

Lanie Lamarre (18:24):
No, no. You’re talking about your client lifetime value.

Liz Wilcox (18:27):
Yeah. You, you can build a business where you belong. That makes you feel safe, a model that makes you feel really good and delights you to sell it and also makes you feel safe and secure. Right. Launching might. It might not be that model that might feel scary to you or membership, you know, that might feel like, oh, I don’t wanna create content all the time, stuff like that. So I just encourage you to really look within and create a model that makes sense for you

Lanie Lamarre (18:53):
And also to like go with something that you’re comfortable with from where you are. Because once you start to know your numbers with your churn rate, with your client, lifetime value, being able to sort of up that for yourself while people are still seeing your product as valuable and then continuing to get that value from people like I’m a member and I’m for sure going to be getting in on the annual because it’s like, why am I, why am I paying monthly when I can just get in on the annual,

Liz Wilcox (19:18):
Hey, y’all just heard it. I just made a stamp tomato. Sam was the add to Ching whoever’s added

Lanie Lamarre (19:27):

Liz Wilcox (19:28):
Yeah. And so with the turn rate, I noticed people that were in my universe stayed five or six months, or they just were not dropping off at all. They were like all, all in with email. And then I noticed with affiliates, people were staying about three or four months. So if they came in through Laney or something, they, you know, they’d stay a few months and then, you know, forget about it. Right. And so, yeah, I thought like, how the heck do I just nip that in the bud? Right? Like, I’ve gotta get rid of that. I, I need this cash flow. And I believe like I’m really gonna help them create a real business. And so that’s, you know, came up with a yearly and it went off really well. I said, okay, if I could sell a hundred on black Friday, you know, that’s like 10 or $12,000 or something.

Liz Wilcox (20:14):
And like, whoa, wouldn’t that be like, just freaking crazy. And so I sent out an email that said, I’m only gonna sell a hundred of these. And I, I gave, you know, spiel and I sold out within two hours. And that’s when I knew again, it’s, everything’s a beta, right? Everything’s a test. That’s when I knew I was like, oh snap, this is gonna be the launch thing. This is the thing that’s gonna right. Get me the cash flow I need, you know, when I need it. Right. Cause you can, I love with the membership model, you can do these kind of flash sales every so often get a lump of cash. For me, it was about retiring my services and I felt, I felt so safe in that moment of, okay, now I’ve just secured, you know, a hundred people for a year. I can take that $12,000 and pay for my mastermind for an entire next year or whatever it is.

Liz Wilcox (21:04):
Right. That was like in my brain, you know, that Bill’s checked off for a year. Then I ran it again in a few weeks cuz everyone was pissed that they missed the sale. Everyone was like, whoa lady. So then I’m like a Saturday afternoon. And so I ran it again. Actually I ran the numbers for you. So I had 233 people that said like, yes, I’d be interested in this sale. Again. I made like a mini quick wait list. Like, Hey, I’m gonna open this again in the next few weeks. You know, I said, I was only gonna sell a hundred. I’m not gonna open it again right away. Let me figure out what worked, what didn’t I had 231 people on the wait list and on that wait list, I had 160 of them buy. Wow. So that’s like a 69% conversion rate I

Lanie Lamarre (21:44):
Think. Yeah.

Liz Wilcox (21:45):
so that’s really good. And then I had, I also, I opened it up to affiliates to sell and so I made an additional 70 sales from affiliates and they got 20% of that. So about 20 bucks, 21 bucks. So in total I sold 233 in December. So I more than doubled that hundred that I had sold. And I don’t know about you, but that was the first time in my life I’d ever made that much money at once. It took me an entire Q1 of 2021. I made that exact amount that I had I made in those three days.

Lanie Lamarre (22:17):
Wow. Yeah.

Liz Wilcox (22:18):
So just consistent action. You know, the power of the email list, the power of building relationships, finding that offer, that feels good to you

Lanie Lamarre (22:26):
And the power of providing value.

Liz Wilcox (22:29):
Yeah. Oh yeah. And the membership is awesome. I, it really is valuable.

Lanie Lamarre (22:33):
right. Let’s talk about the membership because you have monthly Q and a calls where you’re actually on the call. Yeah. You Liz Wilco. I can ask any question. I want, um, you have templates with videos that go with

Liz Wilcox (22:46):
Them. Yeah. Yeah. so I love doing the Q and a, I know a lot of people, even when I built the membership, I was like, oh, should I put live Q and a? And I was like, yeah, I’m just gonna put it so I can get these a hundred people. Maybe I’ll maybe I’ll take it off if it’s too much work. But the Q and a is literally my favorite thing. I think one time I stayed for like two and a half hours. I love email. And if you’re gonna come at me with an email question, like I’m, I’m gonna be so no one in my real life, like wants to talk about email marketing. So if you’re gonna come at me with a

Lanie Lamarre (23:17):
Question, change these with numbers.

Liz Wilcox (23:19):
Yeah. Amen. Amen. You get it, you get it. And so like, I really wanna serve people when I realized I could make money with email. I was like, oh my gosh, guys, these rich folks have been lying to us. Like it’s time to grab the bag. like, let’s go, let me teach you what I did. And so that it’s that fervor behind it as well. And so even if it’s one person on the call or two people, if I see that spark in them, they’re like, yeah, Liz, I believe you. I believe this can work for me too. Like, I’m gonna give it my all. And given that I can do this for the max amount of people for such an incredible price, it feels so good to me to serve. And nowadays pretty much my membership is all that I do. Right. Like I love helping a lot of people. I don’t like the one on one client work as much. So it makes sense for me. Yeah. And then the templates, you know, and they’re actual templates, these are not copywriter swipes of, you know, emails that I wrote and you just take and I pray for you. Um, you know, you know what, I, we all know what I’m talking about.

Lanie Lamarre (24:26):
Totally completely.

Liz Wilcox (24:27):
Um, I actually write templates, like think of it like Madlibs, right? Like fill in the blank here. And I give you a video walkthrough. It’s usually three to five minutes where I’m actually explaining why the heck you would want to write an email like this. And depending on your personality, your business, your tone and your comfortability, I take all of those into consideration and I walk you through the template. And then I do give you swipes like a plus examples of what it would look like. So I think last week I wrote it from the perspective of a pediatrician, right. And then the second one, I wrote it from the perspective of like a photographer and these are actual members in the group. right. So if you email me, you’re probably gonna be top of mind. So you’re probably gonna be in the next swipe.

Liz Wilcox (25:09):
so, I mean, there’s just so many people and I’m also learning that I’m a bit of a contrarian. So if someone tells me like, oh, you can’t do that. You have to niche down. You’ve gotta serve only bloggers. You know, there’s no way this can work for everybody. I’m thinking of ways. Like, you know, I’m like Einstein with the chalkboard in the background with the math equations. Like how can we make this work? How can we make this work? Like, how can I don’t understand, this is me on my soapbox now. Like how can you spout advice about being inclusive and then say you can’t be for everybody. And of course I know not everyone is for Liz Wilcox. If you’re in the, to the Backstreet boys really hard, you’re probably not gonna like me. Um, but at the end of the day, like I’m really trying to create content. That makes sense for the maximum amount of people. Yeah. I, I love the membership. I’d love for anyone to join that thinks like, yeah. You know, I believe everybody, when they say email marketing is really lucrative, like, come in, let me show you.

Lanie Lamarre (26:07):
Absolutely. We’ll have a link in the show notes to come join both myself and Liz because I am a very proud member. And like I said, you let it slip that there is going to be an annual SI coming up. So I, this is really the approach I recommend with your product specifically the little $9 investment, get in, see what it is. And if you’re dazzled, not if, when, when you’re dazzled, then you can go in and get the annual because it really makes all the sense in the world. Uh, you don’t offer being able to buy the subscription for the year because I, we talked about this where I’m like, it just makes more sense to buy it for the year. And you’re like, well, you’re gonna have to wait. Like everybody else,

Liz Wilcox (26:45):
You have to wait. Yeah. I was like, well, I there’s no like back door, VIP pass.

Lanie Lamarre (26:50):
Yeah. You have to wait. so I’ve been waiting and it’s coming up soon.

Liz Wilcox (26:54):
Yeah. And with the membership or with the yearly, for a year, you get everything inside the membership for a year, but then you get all my other products. So all my trainings, like anything that’s existing, but also anything that I create for the next 365 days. So Laney attended a workshop last month that I did about the current state of open rates and how to do your email metrics. And you know, some people paid for it. It was 50 bucks, but if you’re a yearly member, you don’t have to pay for anything for an entire year. Again, going to like that Costco model of like, I’m really just gathering the membership fee and then you get access to everything. And I actually do live trainings every other month. And then I, I’ve got so many about how to get people to actually care, to open your emails, list, building the basics of email marketing,

Lanie Lamarre (27:45):
Your guests.

Liz Wilcox (27:46):
Yeah. Lots of things. Lots of things. I’ve got a whole list of things I’m gonna, I’ve got the whole year planned out. I’m gonna do a, a black Friday training and you know, you’ll get black Friday swipes and templates and everything. You know, when you get the yearly, you don’t ever have to buy anything from me again for the next year.

Lanie Lamarre (28:04):
But what if people wanna follow you? Where are they gonna do that?

Liz Wilcox (28:06):
Yeah. Thanks for asking. um, of course I’m an email marketer. I would love to have you on my email list. That’s the main place where I hang out. Um, you can go to Liz in the top right hand corner. There’s a hot pink button. It says free email swipe. So if you’re like, oh, I’m not ready to commit quite yet. You can get in there. You can see how I teach. You can get my welcome sequence. Three newsletter, examples, and 52 subject lines completely for free. And I will tell you, when you sign up for the welcome sequence, you will get my infamous, can I have $9 email? That’s how I launched the membership. And you’ll see a little bit of my style, a little bit of my vision for you and my value system that I think will be really fun and feel free to totally swipe that email. I saw somebody launched a $9 membership two days ago and used my can I have $9 email. And it just made my whole freaking day

Lanie Lamarre (28:59):
if ever I go down that road, I’m 100% swiping that email. I love the way you do business Liz, you know this, but it should be spread across as far and wide as possible because it’s really refreshing to see the way you’re doing business and how successful you are at doing it.

Liz Wilcox (29:17):
Yeah. Thank you so much, Lanie. This was so fun. Thank you.

Lanie Lamarre (29:19):

Go behind-the-scenes and check out Liz’s membership for just $9