This is a transcript from episode 15 of the OMGrowth podcast, published on February 24, 2021

Fraudy feelings. Comparison-itis. Imposter Syndrome. Your inner saboteur.

The fact that we have so many cutesy little names for feelings of straight-up “not enough-ness” is proof that – ugh! – those feelings sting and we need a little sugar-coating to help us deal.

Or, you know, maybe data can help. Samesies, right?

This one is going to be a little shorter because I’m going right in for the jugular with this one because I am done – DONE, I tell you! – with seeing mega-talented people limit themselves because of something that is, logically-speaking, a simple fix. (Maybe not easy, but simple!)

It’s never the person who has the bravado for days – and who probably could use a little self-doubt – that seems to have it most.

But that’s the thing: you don’t know that.

You don’t know what feelings anyone else is working with.

And more importantly, you don’t know what data they’re working with, either. Even if they’re so-called “transparent” about their numbers, it is impossible for you to know the thousands of little unique outputs someone else is dealing with.

You literally cannot compare yourself to anyone else because you simply don’t have the data to do it!

You’ve been told enough times that you can’t compare apples and oranges, but this is next level “can’t do it” stuff because you don’t even know if what you’re doing even compares to whatever-the-hey is going on behind Door #1 when you really have no idea what is back there.

And let’s be real: most online entrepreneurs aren’t even clear on THEIR OWN numbers, much less in the know of someone else’s.

I preach the whole “eyes on your own test paper” a lot because, honestly? It’s the only way real progress is possible.

—> You WANT to be more concerned about your own profit margin than what someone else SAYS is theirs.

—> You WANT to do better next time than you did the last time, instead of trying to be better than what your perception is of what someone else may have done (and without the actual numbers in front of you, boss… it IS perception!)

—> You WANT to improve the conversion rates for your sales pages and your ads rather than aiming for what you’re told you “should” have. (Don’t “should” yourself – ew!)

This is also why I cringe every time someone throws around “industry standards” as something to aim for.
Like, you “should” have a 25% open rate for your email list?…
So what if you have 35%? Should you then sit back – all cocky and complacent – because you’re better than what some stranger on the internet decided was “good” for you?

Who cares what someone else says is “good”?
Wouldn’t you rather decide for yourself when you’re doing great?

Because I see this more often than I like to: someone sees so-called “good” results from a launch or a campaign, and they call it a day.

They don’t wrap up with a review of their numbers, they don’t make a point of seeking out the opportunities for improvement.

But then, they turn around to seek out someone else’s campaign strategy or fancy new funnel! Instead of putting a little extra work into their lovely growing grass, they’re jumping nursery to nursery looking at what they can stack onto what they’re already doing to somehow silver-bullet their way into making their grass greener… when it’s all very Dorothy in Oz where the answer is within you all along.

Data is your pair of ruby slippers: it can take you wherever you want to go, as long as you’re willing to do the internal work that will get you there.

So today’s ACTION ITEM is going to be a little different than how we usually do, because we’re going to kick it with some INTERNAL ACTION ITEMS for you to take with you today:


1) You – and everyone else! – is incomparable

Feelings should be acknowledged and honored. I’m all for that.
But you also have to acknowledge that the source of those feelings is really just about the unknown.

You don’t know what you’re pitting yourself up against. You don’t know what they’re actually working with and how those inner workings are performing. You literally do not have the data to properly compare yourself.

Which is is why you need to acknowledge those feelings for what they actually are… and it isn’t inadequacy! It’s that you’re dealing with the unknown, and there’s as much power and growth potential in actually calling that out for what it is as there is in… well, knowing your own dang numbers!


If you want to minimize the ickiness of those feelings you’re having around the unknown, just focus on what you DO know.

Meaning, get your own damned numbers in place that you can use and compare yourself to and – wait for it, because you know it’s coming! – improve on for yourself!

Your grass WILL get greener when you tend to it and if being the greenest kid on your block is in your plans, I support and encourage that… and the easiest path is by “good, better, best”-ing the results and outcomes you were actually able to make an impact on.

There’s a lot of power in getting data-driven that goes way beyond numbers and charts. Being able to do something you couldn’t do before, breaking through your own plateaus and comparing how far you’ve come from where you started – these are THE BEST feelings you can have and they’re totally available to you, boss!

The only person you have to – or even have the data to know if you can – beat is yourself!